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House Washing

Regular cleaning of the exterior of your home not only keeps everything looking its best, but also increases the lifespan of paintwork, often by many years.

Here at The Housewash Professionals we use a safe low-pressure ‘Soft-wash’ process to clean exterior surfaces. We begin by applying a special blend of bio-degradable detergents which help loosen and neutralise the dirt, grime and mould build-up and then we wash the surface clean using very low water pressure. As our detergents are so efficient, we are able to run our pumps at 800-1200psi which ensures that your house is cleaned in the gentlest way possible.

As part of your house wash, we clean the outsides of your gutters, under the eaves and your walls down to the ground. We also wash down the outsides of your windows as we go. To minimise any potential water leakage we brush around all timber window and door frames by hand.

If you would like your windows to be spotlessly clean inside and out to complement your house wash, we also offer a specialist window-cleaning service for a small additional charge.

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