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Gutter Guard Installation

If the insides of your gutters are constantly getting blocked from leaves and other debris, or you are having problems with birds nesting in your roof, then installing gutter guard is an excellent solution.

Here at The Housewash Professionals we have been cleaning gutters and spouting for over 14 years and in that time we have worked with just about every type of gutter guard on the market.

We have found over the years that Hedgehog type gutter guard is the most effective product available for keeping gutters clean. Not only that, but it is also straightforward to install and easy to maintain, which is why we recommend it whole-heartedly!

Hedgehog gutter guards are a three dimensional bristle filter system and they are available in a range of different profiles to suit all types of gutters and roofing. Each piece (metre or half metre) is a complete filter in itself, so you can install a single piece to protect a downpipe, a few metres to protect an area from leaf-fall under a tree, or it can be fitted to all of your guttering for complete protection and peace of mind.

Hedgehogs are a quality product and come with a 7 year manufacturers’ warranty. All components and sealants are guaranteed safe for the collection of drinking water, so they are a great solution if you are on tank water.

If you are having problems with blocked gutters, what we recommend first is a thorough gutter clean and flush. As we clean your gutters, we will see where any problem areas may exist and we can then recommend the best gutter protection solution for you.  

To discuss your gutter guard needs, or to organise your gutter clean, phone us today on 0800 322 322