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Wash Your Building Regularly
to Maintain Value and Maximise
Street Appeal

In business, first impressions count. Here at The Housewash Professionals we are passionate about helping business owners present their commercial properties in the best light possible.

If you have a store front, an apartment building, or a large warehouse in need of cleaning, then we have an effective cleaning solution for you.

Our Softwash process, coupled with our range of effective eco-friendly detergents enables us to cut through road grime, soot and salt deposits commonly found on building exteriors, restoring them to a pristine condition.

Once the exterior of your property is clean, we can help you keep it that way with one of our regular maintenance programmes.

We have found that by keeping painted surfaces clean, the lifespan of the paint is often doubled which can save you a considerable amount of money on re-painting costs.

As part of our service, once we have cleaned your building, we will notify you if any areas require maintenance or repair work. By discovering problems early you can avoid potentially major repair bills down the track.

For no obligation advice on cleaning your commercial property contact us today on 0800 322 322.

We specialise in cleaning –

Shops and storefronts, warehouses, industrial units, factories, supermarkets, rest homes, restaurants, apartment buildings, office buildings, schools, medical centres, hotels and motels.

We can assist you with –

Exterior washing of any
commercial property
Pre-paint cleaning
Roof cleaning and gutter cleaning
Cleaning of canopies and
canvas awnings
Cleaning of entrance ways


Car park and pavement cleaning
Timber deck cleaning
Moss and Lichen control
Cleaning of walls and fences
Water blasting
Window cleaning

Exterior building cleaning

Office building cleans

Apartment buildings

Shop frontages

Commercial canopies

Hertiage building cleans

Industrial warehouses

Commercial parks

Entrance ways

Business premises